Companies Are Using Facebook to Exclude Older Workers From Job Ads

The ability of advertisers to deliver their message to the precise audience most likely to respond is the cornerstone of Facebook’s business model. But using the system to expose job opportunities only to certain age groups has raised concerns about fairness to older workers.

Ending Forced Arbitration

Below is an interesting piece on why employer’s forcing employees to arbitrate their employment law claims, including sexual harassment claims, should end. OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR I Wrote the Uber Memo. This Is How to End Sexual Harassment. By Susan Fowler Ms. Fowler is an engineer best known for her blog post about her experiences working at Uber. April […]

Beth Bertelson quoted in the Star Tribune

Keillor case tests blurry legal lines surrounding workplace relationships Sexual banter between workers, supervisors is minefield, lawyers say. Star Tribune, March 12, 2018 By Jeff Meitrodt For two years, Garrison Keillor exchanged flirtatious e-mails and texts with a female staffer, sharing personal thoughts and fantasies in discussions that sometimes turned erotic. Keillor maintains that the […]

Age Discrimination Collective Action Lawsuit

Moldenhauer, for an on behalf of herself and other persons similarly situated, v. Honeywell International, Inc., Court File No., 18-cv-00126 (U.S. District of Minnesota). On January 18, 2018, we filed a Complaint  against Honeywell International, Inc. (Honeywell) in U.S. District Court of Minnesota alleging a violation of age discrimination laws. The named plaintiff, a Supplier […]

Her sexual harassment case would make legal history

Taken from The Lily News, October 16, 2017 Adapted from a story by The Washington Post’s DeNeen L. Brown. In 1978, Mechelle Vinson filed a lawsuit against her supervisor that redefined sexual harassment in the workplace. Vinson had worked at the Capital City Federal Savings Bank in Washington for four years before being fired. During that […]

Age Discrimination in the Internet Era

Interesting article on age discrimination in the workplace: In job ads, some employers have begun listing “digital native” as a requirement for the position. The term, many say, is a “code word” for young workers who have grown up with technology and will be able to use new systems with ease. This term plays into […]