Good Reminders On What Not To Do If You’re Fired

Workplace Fairness,, is a great resource for information about employment laws, job rights, and employment issues. The following is taken from the website and is a good reminder of what to do when your employer tells you your employment is being terminated: Don’t burn your bridges Anger is a natural response when you lose […]

Don’t Sign A Separation Agreement At The Termination Meeting

Being terminated or laid off is traumatic. If you are offered a separation agreement don’t sign it at the meeting. Take your time. Read it carefully. Consult with an attorney. In most instances, you have at least 21 days to decide if you want to sign it. (The Agreement will set forth the time period […]

Six Key Points to Consider when Reviewing a Severance Agreement

Source: This entry was posted in Severance Pay on June 30, 2013 by Robert Ottinger. 1. What is the payout schedule? Many companies will propose a payout in 30 or 45 days after execution of the agreement. There is no reason to wait that long and companies will often shorten the payout date to 10 or 15 days upon request. Also, […]