Have A Workers Comp Claim And The Employer Is Asking You To Resign Or Settle?

Before you agree to resign or settle your workers compensation claim, we recommend you talk to an employment law attorney first.

While your employer may present you with an offer to settle your workers compensation claims, the agreement you are presented will often include also settling any employment law claims.   These are claims are in addition to your workers compensation claim.  Examples of employment law claims you might also have are:  a workers comp retaliation claim, a disability discrimination claim, other types of discrimination or harassment claims, and other claims.

Any agreement you sign related to settling your workers comp claim has legal consequences – including potentially releasing your right to bring any type of employment law claim in the future. You should make sure you understand how signing such an agreement will affect you before you sign it.

Bertelson Law Offices, P.A. has over 35 years of combined experience reviewing, evaluating and strategically negotiating settlement agreements. We offer a thorough review to help you determine how your particular situation would be impacted by signing, or if it would be appropriate to move forward with legal claims or with negotiating changes to the agreement, such as increasing the amount the employer is offering and language changes to the agreement.